The fifth annual River Bend Balloon Fest in Bath was off to a flying start with eleven balloons taking to the skies early in the morning on Thursday, September 1. The Rotary Club of Florenceville is proud to have two crews helping to get the balloons into the air and, after landing, packed up for the next flight.
Watch for more photos of Rotary members and Friends of Rotary at work making our skies more beautiful. Also watch for District Governor Harvey Bass as he is booked to fly Saturday morning. 
Unfortunately because of the wind the Thursday evening flights had to be cancelled.
Visit the Bath Fair Grounds Facebook page for info on balloon flights and events happening there until Monday. 

Master Zaba
Master Zaba takes flight!
Above, Wendell Purvis (pilot from Florida), Carol Brennan, Emma Giberson, Wallace Antworth, Jennifer Little, Dave Good
Above, Dale Cummings, Anna Brownridge, Claire Cummings, Lorena Green, Joe Brennan, John Viner (pilot from England), Raymond Green